“I know reducing my own opioid dosage and seeking natural alternatives with vitamins and supplements, and now including hormones, are things I’ve always strived to do personally over the last decade since my spine surgeon and subsequently my pain doctor, prior to Dr. Tennant, decided large doses of opioids were one the only ways to treat neuropathic pain and Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It’s only thanks to working together with Dr. Tennant, treating neuroinflammation, and tweaking his protocol with his continued help that I was able to successfully reduce my own opioid dosage by well more than half of where I started when I began with Dr. Tennant in 2015.
I do worry about those, both patients and physicians, who are ignorant to the hormone components to pain. I know for me personally, it played a large factor in the beginning and continues to play a role in my weekly protocol supplementing with low maintenance doses of both DHEA and pregnenolone.
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