1. Create a network of qualified physicians who are willing to treat those with complex conditions and diseases that cause Intractable Pain through “The IP Network of Hope. ” Every patient, after thorough screening, deserves adequate medical treatment of their pain with a caring, highly qualified physician who can treat them.

  2. Raise awareness about Intractable Pain.  It is more than just a simple nuisance that one can wish away. It has serious life altering consequences. Intractable Pain is defined as: A severe, constant pain that is not curable by any known means and causes adverse biologic effects on the body’s cardiovascular, hormone, and neurological systems causing a bed or house-bound state and early death if not adequately treated. If left untreated it can become a serious life threatening process that can quickly worsen. Intractable Pain treatment often requires long-term pain care that includes: opioid medications, hormone replacement, neuroinflammatory protocols, sleep aid and often many other non-standard medications, and OTC medications, vitamins and herbal agents personally individualized to achieve homeostasis and  pain relief.

  3.  Adequate pain relief for Intractable Pain must be defined as such that it brings about normal physiological functioning which includes homeostasis of endocrine, cardio, immunological, respiratory, gastrointestinal systems, along with improvements in the activities of daily living and restful sleep.

  4. Encourage the re-acceptance of relieving pain, which may include medications including opioids, at a level that achieves pain relief, as indicated by the World Health Organization’s Three Step Analgesic Ladder for relief of pain. It is an appropriate and necessary guide for achieving pain relief that is individualized, and allows for comfort levels accordingly. All patients are different, and standardized guidelines were developed for the average patient. Opioids are often the last option after other methods have been tried and failed.

  5. Eliminate bias and stigma against people who by no fault of their own, other than their genes and metabolism, need higher dose opioids for pain relief.  Raise awareness and remove bias so these people will be viewed and treated with compassion and respect. We seek the removal of all barriers that create bias and stigma within medical communities and society at large, so people can receive respectful and qualified medical care for their rare disorders which includes the relief of their pain.

  6. We seek to inform regulatory agencies, policy makers, elected officials, doctors and pharmacists at state and local levels to help eliminate barriers that hinder or prevent effective pain treatment. Often non-standard medications and  opioid medications are needed as a medical necessity for treatment of Intractable Pain.

  7. Pursue the development and implementations of a “Pain Patients Bill of Rights” and an “Intractable Pain Treatment Act” in every state and at the national level.

  8. Pursue changes in law and regulation in order to require insurance companies and 3rd-party payers for all government programs to reimburse for the cost of all standard and non-standard medications, including opioid medications, as medically indicated and prescribed by treating physicians.

  9. No more “about us without us”..We will make our family members with rare disorders that include Intractable Pain visible to all parties, federal , state and local. Guidelines must include those patients with genetic and functional medication malabsorption issues and Intractable Pain going forward.

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