No one should be left to suffer in pain…to deny meaningful pain care is cruel, inhumane and  tantamount to torture.

We believe it is against a physician’s Hippocratic oath of “to do no harm”, and the “4 principles of medical ethics,”  to deprive patients of treatment that provides relief of pain which includes physiological and psychological homeostasis.

Our mission is to advocate until every patient with Intractable Pain is able to access treatment for their complex medical conditions with a highly qualified physician who can treat them, in every state.

Doctors, we need you! 

Will you join “The IP Network of Hope,”  and be willing to take patients with some of the most devastating conditions known to man?

Humane treatment is possible and life saving.  Our goal is that no patient will be left to suffer with Intractable Pain.  All members of the family need support too!

Together we can move mountains!



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