Families for Intractable Pain Relief was formed to be the Veract Intractable Pain and Palliative Care Clinic’s support and advocacy group. We also advocate for all families and patients nationwide who are experiencing the various issues around intractable pain. Self-help, group support and patient inclusion in all policy making going forward are critical for intractable pain treatment efforts.

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Hot off the press! Dr. Forest Tennant’s Updated:

  Arachnoiditis Handbook


Urgent for all IP/Palliative Patients: Do not stop your medicine before surgery, or after. Short acting medications should be used to control any pain afterward. If you are in the hospital, don’t walk out or go “Against Medical Advice”-this will only get you tagged as a “non-compliant patient” and trying to convince doctors or nurses of your situation probably won’t help- have your advocate of family member immediately find the “Hospital Administrator” and voice your concerns and medical needs directly to them.  This will help you to continue your physician prescribed medical protocol, and avoid being tagged as a non-compliant patient.

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Three Questions for America:

  1. Is there any respect left for human life?

   2. Should an affluent country extend the quality and length of life  of  a suffering pain patient?

3. Are we willing to train and allow specialist physicians to treat difficult, rare and complex pain cases? 


Freedom from pain, to the extent achievable, is the most fundamental of all human rights. Withholding or withdrawing readily available and effective pain treatment from a person suffering Intractable Pain is equivalent to the commission of torture.

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